Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Boy....

The new puppy was coming to the river this morning.

We'd been hearing about him for weeks, he was taken from his dog family at 5 weeks...
(SHE's shuddering)
...we had to wait for all his needles to take effect, before he could be introduced to us.
I, Roxy, woke up with a Very Sore Paw.
Here's evidence, though it was taken later in the day.


I wasn't allowed to go.
SHE says it was from chasing Coco like a maniac  the day before.
Bella stayed home with me, because she just likes to
stand in the river and get wet and muddy.
Only Dui went  and he's more of a maniac than I am!

Well, here he is.
 His name is Tiger.  He is Pi's new brother.
 He's a Kelpie-Koolie cross.
(Both being sheep dogs.)

Dui may have been allowed to go, but he
became too excited.

And had to go on the dreaded chain for awhile.

Unfortunately, My wonky foot is still sore and I'm still limping, so it may be another week
before Bella and I get to meet him.
Hope your weekend is better than mine....sigh.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flowers for Dory...

Today we join in Flowers on Friday in memory of Dory.

It's Autumn here now, so we weren't expecting to find any in our little garden.

We were surprised!
Our bottlebrushes are starting to bloom.

And the Oleander bush.

(Yes, we have Oleanders and no, no dog has ever tried to eat one.)

Our roses are blooming.

And this weed! 

Our yellow bottlebrush, too.

And other plants have new growth.

We hope we gave Dory's family a smile.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Just nice photos...

The temps are cooler now in the morning.
The birds always it in the treetops
waiting for the first warming rays of the sun.
 Last week, they had the moon for company.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Weekend....

Hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend and Easter.
We had a visit from the Easter Bilby.
The bilby is a little marsupial, whose food has been eaten nearly out of existence by rabbits.  We always get Chocolate Bilbies,
to help them.
We also got rice and vegemite filled plastic eggs,
and a Hot cross bun.
SHE  buys Kids' Hot Cross Buns for us because the have no
dried fruit in them.
We also opened TWO packages!
The first was from Lee and Sweet William.

 Lots of tasty things for HER!
Next came the package from ERNIE
and Frankie.
SQUEAKY toys, and Greenies and Chik'n Treats!
We had a Greenie each and I, Roxy, desqueaked
the orange dog....
Thank you, Ernie,
I love you.
 Then we went to the river for two hours to play with our friends.
When we got home we each got half a pig's foot (before baths.)

Stop waving that trotter around to show off your new socks Sweet William sent and give it to us!

We had another big walk in the afternoon, so SHE could walk off all those Peeps and chocolate.

Thanks for all the fantastic things.
Hope you're enjoying a Great weekend, too.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cold Mornings....

.....well....cooler mornings.

 And beautiful days.

Just the way we like it!

Have a Happy Weekend everyone! 

We'll be going to the river FOUR days this weekend. 
SHE'll just have to put up with wet dogs.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Guess who is......


 That right, it's Bella!
Look at the fabulous card Madi sent....

 We went on two OUR walks today.
 (Our walks mean we can stop and sniff or run around.  HER walks mean we just walk,)

And cake for dinner.

It was a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday, Bella!  We love you!
(Now, stop the photos and carve up the cake!)

Recipe:  Grain-free Kangaroo wet food, cottage cheese, Liver cookies,
kibble 8, 'roo chew candles and parmesan sprinkles.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


We had a few comments yesterday--okay, two comments--asking about the white, nutty-looking things in this photo.

 We're assuming they weren't referring to Roxy...BOL!

 They are the seed capsules  of Callistemons.
 Known locally as Bottlebrush trees.
You can see how they got that name.

As they are native drought-resistant plants, that come in many sizes and colours,  we have a variety in our garden.
They also attract birds--Honeyeaters.
(That we chase away.)
Below is one ready to flower, it will leave the woody
seed capsules behind.

Amazingly, the seeds can stay in the capsules for years. 
Some will open after a bushfire to reseed.

The tree that Roxy was behind is our Mystery Tree.  We planted a Banksia--and that grew instead!